"Bengt Wikström is a leading figure in the movement of guitar in education. Through his enthusiasm and expertise he has inspired many young people to take up their study of the guitar and to participate in ensembles and concerts. I have had the privilege of meeting some of his pupils and they are both well taught and inspired by his teaching and personality. Bengt Wikström is also a very good recitilist on the guitar and year after year he gives many recitals, whether sologuitar, guitar and voice, Baroque guitar, or guitar in ensemble, converting his audiences to the instrument with his integrity, dedication and skill."

Graham Wade

This first book guides the young student safely through the world of notation with many inspiring melodies. The chord part lets the young guitarist sing and accompany herself/himself.
The second book explores the entire fretboard by playing melodies in all positions. Little by little will the student discover the guitar beyond the first position. Extra attention is given to the often weaker fourth finger.


The young ones playing in Klippan .


young trio

Students rewarded with diplomas from the ABRSM



The beginner ensemble playing in Gothenburg.

small guitarist


Young Students

Young students at Klippan School of Music